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A microfinance bank is a bank licensed to offer a broad range of financial services such as savings, loans, insurance, money transfer and other payment services to the economically active poor, micro, small and medium enterprises.

Business entities and Individuals - Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises, traders, artisans and other economically active poor especially the unbanked!

Work in progress, but we presently undertake on-line transfers on behalf of customers!

You can make an enquiry from your Account Officer or the Credit Department Click here for Contact details

Accounts offered by Fidfund MFB are: Current, Savings, Investment and Loan Accounts. Go to Products & Services at the top of page to know more

You can enquire from your Account Officer, or place a call or visit our Credit Department Click here for Contact details

You can call and inform your Account Officer or call / visit our Head of Operations Click here for Contact details

Apply Online here or visit our office. Click here for Contact details

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